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Water Recovery Systems for Batching Plants, Enhanced with Linde Solvocarb Integration


Muro di cemento


Urban Tech Italy He has made Concrete WR a line of systems expressly dedicated to the concrete sector, a necessary evolution for an industry that saw artisanal solutions or those adapted from other fields.
Our process can completely recover the washing waters of the concrete mixing stations, separating the solids first, filtering the gray water until it becomes perfectly transparent, and correcting the pH. The whole system is entirely automatic and requires no intervention.
Concrete Water Recovery

What are the advantages of installing a water recovery system for a concrete mixing station?

Fully automated process
Concrete WR
The tub no longer requires emptying and cleaning.
Concrete WR
The machine washes itself

The process is entirely automated; after the gray water has discharged, the system, thanks to its sensors, sees the level rise and starts filtering until the level is restored; at this point, it goes into Standby, waiting for new material.

Concrete WR
Low Consumption

The automation system controls the entire process to reduce energy consumption as much as possible; an inverter controls the main pump to optimize performance and consumption.

Thanks to the gray water tank mixer, the water-cement suspension is kept in motion and will no longer be necessary to clean the tank.

Concrete WR
Monobloc system

The structure that supports the machine, the electrical panel, and the pump is a monobloc that arrives at the customer already wired, reducing installation times and making it easy to transport after installation if necessary.

At each cycle, the machine washes automatically, a high-pressure system washes the filter cloths, and the system washes the pump and filters at each stop. Washing can also be done with water acidified by carbon dioxide.

Concrete WR
Minimal Maintenance

Thanks to the washing system, it will be enough to change the filter cloths every month, requiring a maximum of one hour of work. 

Concrete WR
Reduced Cycle Times

A specially sized PEMO horizontal pump makes cycle times extremely short.

Concrete WR
pH neutralization using CO2

Our system integrates the Linde carbon dioxide pH neutralization system, which quickly, cleanly, and economically neutralizes the pH, making the water perfectly compliant with standards.

Concrete WR
Regulatory Compliance

The increasingly stringent regulations require the recovery of water and, if it must be discharged, strict quality control. With our systems, all this can be achieved.

Concrete Water Recovery
Spare parts always available

Of course, we always have all the materials at home. But when we deliver a Concrete-WR system, we leave a case of the machine's leading spare parts in storage for the customer. The spare parts remain on our property and will be helpful for rapid interventions by our technicians. After the first year, the customer can decide whether to return or buy them.

Concrete Water Recovery
Technical support

Through our App, you will have direct contact with our after-sales service. Our App will guide the person in charge of the installation by remembering the small verification and replacement operations.

Any questions?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section
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