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The filtration system is the heart of Concrete WR—a Pemo high-capacity horizontal pump coupled with a filter press specifically designed to filter cement water. Depending on the configuration, the pumps are available in two sizes with 7.5 and 11 kW motors. The filter press has 400 x 400 mm plates in 4 configurations, 6,8,10,12 plates, and a version with 800mm plates is also available.
All our systems are equipped with plate, pump, and pipe washing systems.
The machines have plate shaking systems to help detach the tiles and a lower door to prevent washing and filtration liquids from falling into the tile container.
The entire system can be implemented with Industry 4.0; we can create skids of different sizes that are always easily accessible and safe.
The machine can be equipped with a filtration start valve to prevent the slightly cloudy water of the first seconds from creating deposits in the clean water tank over time.
We can also create external tanks to accumulate and treat the filtered water if necessary.

What are the strengths?

  1. The PLC controls the system; the operator only needs to press the start button and unload. 
  2. The aggregates are washed and returned perfectly reusable
  3. In addition to electrical safety, the auger is equipped with mechanical safety for any eventuality 
  4. The structure is made of solid galvanized steel with high-resistance bearings 
  5. It can be fitted with a hopper for 1 or 2 simultaneous discharges
  6. Easy inspection and maintenance 
  7. Reduced water and electricity consumption
Any questions?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section
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