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pH neutralization

We are the only ones to integrate Linde's Solvocarb (*) neutralization system into our system.
The system injects carbon dioxide via a flexible tube micro-perforated with the laser. This guarantees to neutralize the alkaline process waters with carbon dioxide in every situation.
Economical, safe, and ecological, it regulates the alkaline level of wastewater in the mandatory range between pH nine and 6.5. Such adequate pH values avoid having to pay drastic wastewater fees.
Linde Solvocarb System Integrated

What are the strengths?

  1. The use of CO2 is by far the most economical and sustainable system for neutralization. 
  2. It does not require complicated dosing systems, but the gas is easily managed by opening a valve.
  3. Linde will provide two cylinder packs, the second as a reserve, so when the gas runs out, they will come to replace the cylinder pack without stopping the process.
  4. The processed water will be clear, with a controlled pH, and perfectly drainable or reusable.
Linde Solvocarb System Integrated

The use of carbon dioxide for pH correction is the most economical and sustainable system from all points of view:
Much cheaper than acid dosing (see table below)
Leaves no residue
CO2 is obtained by capture from other production processes and is environmentally sustainable.

Neutralization system for Linde Solvocarb batching stations
Stoichiometric conversion for neutralization of unbuffered caustic soda solution at a pH value of 8.8 using different acids (HCl 30%; H2SO4 96%; HNO3 65%)

(*) The Solvocarb® by Linde® brands and the Linde Logo are property of Linde gas Italia, Urban Tech Italia in collaboration with Linde only carries out the integration between the two systems

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