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Solid separation

The solids separation system is composed of a discharge hopper with grating and a conical screw which returns the aggregates in the rear part and the water in the lower part.
We have two sizes of systems, 10 and 25 m3 now.
Concrete WR
Concrete WR

What are the strengths?

  1. The PLC controls the system; the operator only needs to press the start button and unload. 
  2. The aggregates are washed and returned perfectly reusable
  3. In addition to electrical safety, the auger is equipped with mechanical safety for any eventuality 
  4. The structure is made of solid galvanized steel with high-resistance bearings 
  5. It can be fitted with a hopper for 1 or 2 simultaneous discharges
  6. Easy inspection and maintenance 
  7. Reduced water and electricity consumption
Concrete WR
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